Monday, January 14, 2008

Benefit of Vitamin D

Recently I visited my Doctor and was surprised to know the importance of Vitamin D in our life and thought to share this useful info with you guys.

Vitamin D is very essential for good bone health because it helps body to absorb Calcium. But getting enough Vitamin D isn't always easy, especially if you avoid the sun.As it is not readily available from a normal diet and the ability to manufacture Vitamin D diminishes with age.

So if you are not getting enough Vitamin D, it may result in bone loss and increase risk of fracture.So the easiest way to get Vitamin D is to expose yourself to sunlight just 15-20 minutes daily. But make sure you don't stay too long in Sun as it may cause Sunburn and may lead to Skin Cancer later on. Make sure to apply Sunscreen if you intend to stay for long time in Sun.